In case you didn’t know, Abcam turned 20 this year. To celebrate, we went ahead and put together a list of some of the best discoveries and breakthroughs as chosen by the science community – with some gorgeous artwork to accompany it. Because science is awesome, as we all know. Here’s a selection of our personal sciencing favorites. Click on an image for more information! Enjoy!

RNAi: advancing the manipulation of gene expression

Next-generation sequencing: an explosion in the scale and speed of scientific research

Zygotes in control: how early embryos switch from maternal to zygotic gene transcription

The histone code: a functional extra layer of the genome

iPSCs: reprogramming our cells with enormous medical potential

HPV vaccine: protecting young women against cervical cancer

CRISPR: gene editing reimagined

First artificial blastocyst: building embryos from scratch

Aging Homo sapiens: fossils that set a date for the origin of our species

5hmC: the 6th DNA base discovered in the brain

Head over to the Abcam main site to take a look at the full sciencing list!

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