Tipbox is going where no other science blog has gone before. Around the world in 80 labs. We are going Phileas Blog ?

We’re going to send a lab notebook around the world, through the hands of 80 different labs, who will fill it out with advice, thoughts and notes. It will then gracefully land back on our desk, at which time we will then scan all the pages and share them with the world!

At least this is the plan… Of course we can’t do this alone; turning up to labs and forcing people to write in it would be in bad taste – however the idea did arise in the writers room. We need you to get involved. If there’s a group of people who don’t mind collaboration and sharing, it’s you folks. The scientists who are changing the future, one gel at a time.

Our lab has ignited the torch, then it will be handed to a local Cambridge lab next week. From there on out, it’s out of our hands and control. With luck on our side, it will pass person to person with ease. A swap at a conference, passed along at a lab visit, passed to a collaborator, etc. But you, the digital world, can help tip the odds in the book’s favor. Tell us if you want to be on the journey!

Email us with your lab’s location and we can plot you on our world map. Or get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook. Then, if the book gets stuck, we can intervene and get it swiftly to the next lab. The rarer and more peculiar your location, the better.

We’re a little nervous, very excited, and slightly worried. Will it fall at the first hurdle? Will it actually make it back in one piece?? Only scientists can decide its fate.


Fancy writing for Tipbox? Got an awesome story to tell? Then we want to hear! Drop us an email at tipbox@abcam.com with story pitches, ideas, hilarious bants, or maybe you just want a bit of a chat. Whatever it is, we want it. And then we'll share it. You may or may not become instantly famous.