Yeah, that’s right: image doppelgängers! We’ve all seen them: things that look like other things. Maybe it’s the long hours staring down the microscope, the “long lunches”, or maybe all the mulled wine and mince pies this time of year, but we can totally see a host of doppelgängers lurking in these cell images! Courtesy of the Abcam lab.


Ok, the tail’s a bit long but this is definitely a jumping dog


It’s acceptable to run out of the lab screaming if you see a ghostly woman’s face in your image


This TIE fighter made us even more excited for Star Wars


Anyone else see Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons?


E.T waving obviously!


How about you? Any suspect doppelgängers lurking in your images? Let us know.

Maybe we need a whole book of them similar to our #96tips one?