Yeah, that’s right: cell image doppelgängers! We’ve all seen the hidden pictures within our imaging results. Maybe it’s the long hours staring down the microscope, the “long lunches”, or maybe all the mulled wine and mince pies this time of year, but we can totally see a host of doppelgängers lurking in these cell images! If you have any, do send them to us at

These first few are the work of Sofia Duque Santos who’s a neuroscientist working in Portugal. For the past 18 years, she’s worked on the Peripheral and Central Nervous System.
Currently, she is at INEB/i3S institute, in the nBTT lab as a senior postdoctoral scientist. Many thanks to her and her lab (check them out on Twitter Facebook Instagram) for the wonderful images!

“Traffic jam”


“The Piano Guy”


“The Gazing Man”


This beauty was sent by Dr Andrew V Benest from the Cancer Biology Unit at the University of Nottingham!

“The Owl or the Bat Sign”


The following image of joy was made by Eva Pérez-Jiménez from the Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia. It has to cheer you up!

“The Happy Cell”


… And here are some courtesy of our Abcam lab team!

“Jumping dog”


“Ghost lady”


“TIE fighter”


“The Simpson’s Santa’s Little Helper”


E.T waving obviously!


How about you? Any suspect doppelgängers lurking in your images? Let us know.

Maybe we need a whole book of them similar to our #96tips one?