The Addictive Brain is a project that focuses on science communication. Founded by Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi, a neuroscientist and a passionate science communicator, he aims to bridge the gap between scientists and the public by explaining science in ways that non-scientists can understand, “We aim to spread awareness about how scientists utilize tax payer’s money/government funding to help develop a better world and encourage women and under-represented minorities can get interested in studying STEM subjects.”


Who’s in the team?











Pratichi Dixit (left), Social Media Manager and Content Editor. She works as a Corporate IT consultant in Toronto, Canada.

Dr Chinmaya Sadangi (center), who is the founder of The Addictive Brain. He is a neuroscientist at the University of Toronto. Prior to joining the University of Toronto, he completed his PhD from Philipps University, Marburg, Germany.

Satabdi Das (right), Creative Designer for The Addictive Brain. All the logos for the page have been designed by her. She is a marketer by profession and a designer by heart.


Why was The Addictive Brain was set up?

“One of the major factors that led us to create The Addictive Brain was the rising misconceptions about science. The non-scientists we speak with often have myths or misconceptions about science-related topics.

“Often, people may read media reports and consider it to be true, whereas it’s far from the truth. For example, many people believe the myth that vaccination causes autism, and it was spread by some media article. And there are not just a few, but many such articles posted by non-reliable sources that spread myths.

“We wanted to create a platform where scientists directly share their day to day experiences, studies, and educate people directly. For transparency, we also encourage direct interactions between our contributors and audience. We have been receiving great feedback so far and people wish to see so much more.”


Check out their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. They host live Q&A sessions featuring different scientists every weekend on Instagram.

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