Who’s got advice to help others succeed in the lab?

Since starting this blog we’ve wanted a bundle of goodies to offer. A favorite idea of ours is a small book containing helpful advice and short anecdotes for scientists. A beautiful, compact (A6) survival guide for the new person to pick up. The tips could be in relation to the day-to-day stuff, the big picture stuff, whatever.

These could be, for example:

“Don’t forget to label your channels”

“Visit conference booths for tons of free goodies”

“Having a mentor will make your first few years in the lab infinitely easier”

We have plenty of experience to mine here from the Abcam team, but we want to hear from you. We read so much creative work in the recent writing competition that we’re sure you’ll want to get your teeth stuck into this as well. Get you or your lab featured in our book and get in touch!

Keep the tips as short and succinct as you can – about 20–40 words. If you have something longer that’s more anecdotal and story driven, try to keep it under 300 words.

The more creative, unique and useful they are, the more likely they will be featured in the book!

Deadline: Aug 31, 2017



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Get old school and write to us at Abcam, Tipbox Team, 200 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 0WG, UK.


We’re hoping to publish and print it in September. The creators of the tips we choose to use will receive a free copy of the 96 tips book.

Fancy writing for Tipbox? Got an awesome story to tell? Then we want to hear! Drop us an email at tipbox@abcam.com with story pitches, ideas, hilarious bants, or maybe you just want a bit of a chat. Whatever it is, we want it. And then we'll share it. You may or may not become instantly famous.