It’s that special time of the year when the world celebrates love. Easily forgotten when you’re knee-deep in pipetting and meetings!

Take a couple of minutes to read this lovely story of a couple who met in the lab. Chosen out of a dozen we were sent because we were actually blown away by this guy’s engagement technique.

My now husband and I (we’re newly weds!) met in the laboratory during our graduate studies – amidst a collection of fixed brain tissues and the sultry scent of paraffin wax. He proposed to me by way of a scavenger hunt – the clues were hidden all over the lab. He even sectioned and stained a piece of the inferior frontal gyrus pars triangularis that looks like a heart and on the slide was the coordinates of where he was waiting for me to find him., where he eventually proposed. It’s true nerd love. We’re coauthors on several papers and recently secured two post-doc positions in two top laboratories! The best part is that we work in the same building! He spends his day engineering neural organoids while I help animals regenerate their limbs using custom engineered bioreactors!

Dr. Nirosha Murugan and Dr. Nicolas Rouleau