With Halloween right around the corner, we want you to flex your ghoulish wit, sharpen your wicked minds, and carve words of blood-curdling horror into the page for our Little Tipbox of horrors writing competition! Or just totally type it up at your laptop. However you do it, we want to hear your horror stories from the lab, your shrieking scientific stories, your labhorrent tales, your— okay, you get the gist.

What we want from you

A short (500-1,000 word), lab- or science-themed horror story. Plot twists, gore, suspense, terror – we want it all! This can be fiction or fact. Try and keep the content and themes somewhere in between Goosebumps and American Psycho. Remember: this needs to be suitable for work. Basically, if your boss were to read it over your shoulder they wouldn’t pass out, be sick, or dismiss you.
Some ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Possessed by pipette
  • Night of 1,000 reviewer comments
  • An American post-doc in London
  • Help! My supervisor is trying to work me to death!
  • The Texas Drosophila massacre

We will be marking on creativity, wit, and originality. Oh, and we love puns.

What we’re offering

A hardcover copy of stories from the king of horror: the Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of HP Lovecraft. And, of course, we’ll publish and promote the winner on Tipbox.




When we want it

All entries need to be submitted by October 27 via tipbox@abcam.com

Winner to be announced on October 31 (Halloween, duh)

We’re waiting to have our pants literally scared right off!