Black Panther. The Avengers. The other 2 million films like that. People love superheros, but what about the unsung superheroes from the lab day-to-day? The people that stopped your experiment going wrong or kept your tears at bay with a hug and hot beverage. Where’s their movie?

Take action and nominate them today.


  1. Think long and hard about a time someone has saved you in the lab. Could be directly or indirectly.
  2. Form up to 150 words to tell the tale. Be as dramatic as you like.
  3. Include pictures, videos, and anything you think may enhance the telling of the tale.
  4. Tweet us OR send to with the title of your story as the subject line.


We’ll choose the top 3 winners on Tipbox’s Special Superhero (TSS) criteria: bravery, risk, benefit to the civilian, and modesty.

Each of them will be awarded a huge shout-out via Tipbox and equipped with a superhero kit! Cape, eyewear, comic, and of course our 96 Tips Book.


Winners to be announced on March 28.


Photo by Lena Orwig
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