We wanted to romanticize Tipbox a little. What better way to do it than with some science poetry?

Below are some haikus (5-7-5 syllable poems about the good side of science) and some lowkus (5-7-5 syllable poems about the less good side of science). See what we did there? ?




Pipette longs for rest

Thumb aching from awesome work

Supervisor stares



Glorious data

Answers within the colors

Today has saved me



Late at lab again

Clock closing on nine-thirty

Remembers being out



My heart thumping hard

Sound drowned by applause of peers

First talk win for me



Posted epic tweet

Sharing the research I’ve done

Zero engagement



Tucked up in my bed

Results ready by morning

Too excited to sleep


We want you to get involved as well! Share your own haiku or lowku with us. Tweet: @abcam #sciencelife or comment below.

If you need it, here’s a simple article about how to write a traditional haiku.