I think it’s safe to say we love talking about our research. The problem is that we usually only talk about it to colleagues and other scientists. It’s easier to talk about gastrulation, qPCR, microtubules, super-resolution microscopy, 5fC mods, etc. But what about the public? The non-scientists? They need to know about your research as well – and how awesome it is!

Well, here’s your chance. Tell us about your research. Tell us your story. Do it in about 200 words. And make it understandable by the general public. This is also a great chance for you since explaining it really helps you to understand. Even Einstein said so:

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Albert Einstein

Because we love you and science so much, we’re going to do a week of posts just around all your research, and we’re imaginatively calling this “WEEEEEEEK OOOOOOF SCIIIEEEENNNNNCCCEEEEE!” (in your best Lost in Space voice). We’ll publish the best ones here and share them far and wide. We’d also really like to send them on to the awesome folks at Stories in Science to help more and more people have their minds blown by science. Your science.

So, step right up and start sharing (and blowing minds)!

The rules

  • Your research in about 200 words
  • Make it understandable by people without a science background
  • Make it personal – give us your story, your research
  • Here’s some great guidance from Stories in Science: ” Don’t just write I struggled with X and Y. Instead, you should try to place the reader in that moment in time and build the context around which you faced your challenges. Be specific! What went through your mind? Allow the reader to be in the moment.
  • Send your entries to tipbox@abcam.com with Short story research in the subject
    • Include the social media links and images you’d like us to tie to your story
    • Let us know if you’d rather not have your story on Stories in Science
  • The last day to submit is June 30, 2018

The rewards

  • The fame, glory, and adulation of your peers that comes from being on Tipbox – obvs… 😉 Okay okay, you want more?
  • We’re going to compile the stories into a short book and send these out to the winners and the world, much like the tipbook of dreams
  • We’re also planning on printing the best ones to give out at our events

We literally cannot wait to hear from you. But we will literally have to wait. Because, you know, you’re writing these shamazing stories and that’s how time and stuff works. Anyway, get writing! 😀

Photo by Carson Arias on Unsplash

Fancy writing for Tipbox? Got an awesome story to tell? Then we want to hear! Drop us an email at tipbox@abcam.com with story pitches, ideas, hilarious bants, or maybe you just want a bit of a chat. Whatever it is, we want it. And then we'll share it. You may or may not become instantly famous.