You’ve got to stay late. There’s no way around it. Here are some methods to help make the long, lonely lab nights less arduous. We’ve ranked them from normal to bizarre.


Sweet, sweet music

Maybe some Miles Davis. Maybe some Metallica. Whatever suits the mood, put it on and let the notes and melodies relieve your stress. We’ve got a bunch of Spotify playlists if you need ideas.


Think about the outcome

Like a marathon runner dreaming of the finish line, it helps to imagine the end goal. Try to imagine being awarded a Nobel Prize, or curing a disease, or more realistically just getting the results you want!


Phone a friend

“Hey. Yeah, me again. Yep, in the lab again!” Ever see those people on the bus or train who chat incessantly to someone else for the duration of the journey? Who are they chatting to? You need to find out who in your friendship group this person could be and then get them on your speed dial. While away the mundane hours with conversation concerning TV shows, current events, or just moaning. You’ll grow closer as friends and the nights will fly by.


Start personifying equipment

The loneliness is the killer. So what if your friends were always there? Pete the Pipette. Stephanie the lab bench. Casey the freezer. They’re great listeners and will always be understanding of your gripes. You could always customize them with features as well which will give them the human feel with tiny hats or glasses. “Oh, you won’t believe what Hank did tonight.” “Who’s Hank?” “The centrifuge. Haven’t I mentioned Hank before?”


Pretend like you’re at home

Get the dressing gown on for office paperwork session. Slippers for the journey to get a hot drink. Make yourself at home. Pyjamas under the lab coat and all your cuddly bedtime buddies lined up on the desk. Home is wherever you want it to be!

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